Frequently Asked Questions

At your service. We hope these questions and answers can help you with your thoughts and doubts about Wordeys. If they don't, please Contact us.

How are you different than other online language learning tools?
We don’t focus on perfection and we focus on you. Just get going with the words you need most in your life and forget challenging grammar rules for now. When you can use the language much quicker, the results will be motivating and you’ll reach your language goals in a fraction of the time than with traditional language learning techniques.
Do I have to make all the lists myself?
We are big supporters of self-directed learning; meaning that you choose what to learn by just following your interests. This creates an intrinsic motivation which we are aiming to facilitate and preserve as effective as possible. (There are some rumours about upcoming social features though!)
Can I sign up with my Facebook, Twitter or Google account?
Didn’t I see that ‘Press ENTER’ design at Typeform before?
Yes, you did. We have contacted Typeform to ask for allowance to use their design. Gabriela from Typeform: ‘I've consulted with one of the CEO's and he said no problem.’ It’s pretty brilliant, isn’t it?
Where do the translations come from?
All translations are currently served by Google Translate, known as one of the best online translation services out there.
What if I have no translations left?
By upgrading to a premium subscription ($5/month), you’ll get unlimited translations. Upgrading can be done by pressing the Upgrade button in the navigation bar or here.
Where do you plan to go with Wordeys?
We aim to stay as transparent as possible and are currently working on a public roadmap so you know where we’re headed. Please stay tuned for more info!
I am from the press and want to write about Wordeys. How do I get in touch?
Great, we love press coverage! Please sent us a quick email at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions.
Why isn’t Wordeys completely free?
To be able to deliver continuous support, answer emails in time and keep improving Wordeys, we simply need to charge a small fee. This way we can continue to grow and provide our services to the world. Even though we recommend upgrading to get the most out of Wordeys, the basic features will always be free to use.
How can I pay?
We use Stripe as our payment processor. This means you can pay securely with credit card. Provide your credit card details in the payment form and you will be billed monthly through their secured service.
How can I cancel?
You can cancel your subscription by clicking on the ‘Revert to free’ button in your profile page. Stripe calculates the days you haven’t used so you never pay longer than you want to.