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Learn Words at Warp Speed

Meet Wordeys. A free extension that brings language learning to your browser.

Use Wordeys to:


Learn a new language

50+ languages supported
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Expand your vocabulary

Save new words you find on the web, then learn them later with lists, tests & flashcards.
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Share words with others

Create and share themed lists with friends, classmates or the Wordeys community.

It’s a dictionary, translator and Language tutor all in your browser.

Immediately understand and learn any word

Whether you want to teach yourself, your child or your students new words in your first, second or third language, Wordeys makes it happen on fly. Simply click any word on any website, and its meaning, examples of use, synonyms and pronunciation are at your fingertips – without any new tabs or distractions getting in the way of your reading experience. Save and group words you want to remember and return later to master them through efficient practice.

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How it Works:

1. Install the Wordeys Chrome Extension

2. Found a word you want to learn? Highlight it and select Translate & Learn with Wordeys

3. Your word will be saved to your Wordeys profile.

Never be lost for words again.

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Super ⚡️ tip for teachers:

Ask your students to explore a topic of their choice. Using the Wordeys extension, get them to capture and learn 25 words. By doing this, they are researching and learning a language in line with their passion and interests.