Improve your language learning with the Wordeys Chrome Extension

If you haven't yet, you can download the extension here.

Use the Wordeys extension to highlight, translate, save and practice the words you find on the web. Here’s how

  • Step One – Highlight any word or phrase. Right Click and select ‘Add to Wordeys’

    Ext step1
  • Step Two – Add the word to an existing list or create a new one

    Ext step2
  • Step Three – You will see the word is added and translated to your target language. Now you can practice

    Ext step3
  • Step Four – Select ‘Practice’ choose Flash cards or Test

    Ext step4
  • Step Five – Improve your language learning. Practice your lists daily and share with friends

    Ext step5

5 creative ways to use the Wordeys Chrome extension:

  1. Listen 👂 to songs (or podcasts) and translate words from the lyrics.

  2. Read articles and newspapers 🗞 in your target language to find new words in context.

  3. Watch informative 💡 videos or documentaries and translate the words you want to know.

  4. Speak with locals as you travel and immerse yourself in the culture. Use Wordeys to record, translate and practice the words you come across.

  5. Use Wordeys as your notebook 📚 to keep, learn and share definitions from your studies or work. Share your notebooks with colleagues and study definitions with flashcards.

Bonus: one more super ⚡️ tip for teachers:

  • Ask your students to find a song/video/article they like and let them choose the words they want to learn. This way, you can both help them research a topic that’s in line with their interests while learning a language.

(For English we’re big fans of the videos of Kurzgesagt and The School of Life to use as informative language learning content.)

Ok, that’s it! Hope that helped you get going smoothly and that our new extension helps you make the world a little smaller. :)

If you have any other questions, please send us an email at — we read every mail!

Thanks for listening and happy learning,

Team Wordeys