Wordeys will no longer be available after the 13th February 2022.

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Reaching language learning goals is hard. We’re here to help you reach the people, places and opportunities you dream of. Discover and create language learning sets and save time by learning only what you care about.

Learn languages fast with Wordeys

No long, boring courses. No more 'I am a cat' and 'The dog is wearing a coat'. Just learn what you need by practising self-chosen sets of words and sentences.

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    Create language learning sets quick and easy

    Create vocabulary decks easily with our suggested translations. Quickly save the words, grammar and sentences you want to remember.

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    Practise vocabulary effectively

    Remember your vocabulary lists by practising with our spelling test or with flashcards.

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    Enjoy learning together

    Make language learning even more fun by learning together with friends, classmates or colleagues.

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    Select, Save and learn words you find on the web

    Use Wordeys Chrome extension to select, translate and learn words and phrases you find on the web.

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Finally remember the vocabulary you're learning

Testing words

Practise vocabulary by using our friendly spelling test. At home, on the bus or in the classroom. As long as you have an internet connection, Wordeys works anywhere.

They love it. So will you.

  • "It's simple, fast and effective"
    Testimonial fredrik
  • "Learning Chinese pinyin and love the simplicity; just get down to making and practising."
    Testimonial ross


We don’t believe that long and boring online courses will make you an advanced speaker or reach your goal to fluency. That's why we built Wordeys; because we believe that self composed learning resources are the best way to learn anything.


Wordeys lets you create, discover and learn language learning sets for free. We offer advanced functionalities in our Premium and Teacher plans, which you can compare on the pricing page. Questions? Contact hi@wordeys.com or via Twitter: @wordeys

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